Striving for a better life

Only those who have jumped on a plane to start a new life will understand the pain that lays behind all the excitement of discovering what for us would be, the unknown. That last night you sleep in your cozy bed, more likely the same bed you’ve owned for long years now. That night where it seems you can’t catch any sleep even though you know you have a big day ahead and you need those hours of rest. You probably saw all your friends reunited the night before, cheering you up and giving you all the support you need as they shed some tears. I was 16 at the time… and I remember all of it like if it was yesterday. Finally, the day comes, and I’m sitting on the plane, ready for departure. That’s when I finally cried, I cried, not because I missed home already, but because I knew there was no turning back, that was it, that was the moment. I observed everything from the sky, until the last view of my little island got lost in the horizon. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about here, that sensation of patriotism finally hits you, and that’s when you start missing all of it. The great America was ahead, a new life, a new job, a new school, new friends, new weather. The year round summer I was raised at, was no longer there. I missed that the most I’d say. Man, it’s hard, I look back and I can say I’m proud of how far I’ve come, from a 16 year old with dreams, to a 25 year old who has achieved most of them. All the tears, all the pain, all the missing, was just the first step to my new life adventure. If you’re reading this, and you’re about to jump into your adventure. Go ahead, cry for now, I assure you’ll have fun in the journey!

Can it be baby time yet? I really just want to see his/her little fingers and eyes all puffy with sleep. I want to kiss your tiny fuzzy head and cuddle you in my arms. I cant wait to be your mommy little baby in my tummy! I cant wait to help you when you need it and encourage you to explore new things! I cant wait to wipe away your tears when you get hurt and tell you how much I love you! I cant wait to be your safe haven like I never had. 

Pregnancy hormones…  


Literally me

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